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Sunday, January 6, 2008

Pictures posted...

Sunday, January 06, 2008

My St go back liao..

Everything back to normal after 2 weeks.. Time really flies.. Miss e good old days when there is no stress or pressure.. Time to pick up myself & face e reality.. Didn't really expect myself to get over & let go so fast.. Guess tt her being so hard-hearted really plays a part.. St says tt it may be a blessing in disguise & i totally agree with her.. Really tks my friends for being there when i needed them most.. St, tks for all e advice & support given.. Chin-gu, tks for lending yr ears & shoulder & of cos crying together with me.. Haa.. Gb, tks for encouragement given.. You really make me feel tt i can make it happen.. Dear, tks for e care & concern too.. Though you may not think tt what i'm doing is right, still i appreciate you for just being there.. Honey, tks for e late night suppers.. Stan, tks for e beers & all e harsh facts tt you said, it really wakes me up.. Not to forget to tks my siblings for being so understanding & never fail to give me e support needed.. Ha ha(Support: Doing housework for me, Help me to fetch mum here & there so tt i can rot more & of cos $financially support$) Hee Hee .. Its really wonderful to have e 2 of ya by my side.. Ha ha.. Suddenly,i realised tt i have so many wonderful pple around me & it makes me feels so blessed.. Have already try my best to retained everything, bt was nt given a single chance.. Well at least i have tried.. Anyway its over & i just want to concentrate on my studies right nw. Dear, you are right.. I need to do some soul-searching.. I should learn to think for myself instead of e others.. Dun really have e heart to go & hate or curse her even though i have suffer so much bcos of her.. Her lies, betrayal & everything.. Still, i hope tt she will lead a good life & everything will goes well for her.. God bless her.. 2008 is definitely going to be a better year for me & i hope to achieved my A-goals & to be a better person in life.. Motto: Live life to e fullest..(*.*)


Sunday, January 06, 2008

Wednesday, November 21, 2007


Todae is my first day of blogging... 21.11.2007

I will be updating this blog veri frequently as Im veri veri free and cannot waste LR's effort for doing all these.. and of coz the rest who are staying up just to see the birth of this wonderful baby of Nah~

Yours Truly..

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

<bgsound src="http://rongrong82.tripod.com/09_-_Babyface_-_Loneliness.mp3" loop="infinite">